See also Survival stats.

Stats refer to the five statistics within Life is Feudal.

There is no individual statcap. The total statcap is 150, but each individual stat starts at 10, and cannot go lower than 10, meaning a single stat cannot be raised higher than 110. The only way to raise stats is to raise skills they are associated with as primary and secondary.

Normally the only way to raise skills is to up it, then perform the associated actions. Two skills, however, allow one player to train another, even if one or both are offline: Mentoring (Crafting skills) and Drill (Combat skills).

Setting Edit

You can set skills and stats to three states: Up, Locked and Down. Upping means that you allow that stat or skill to raise, Locking means that you don’t allow that skill or stat to change value (outside effects may lower the value temporarily or permanently) and Downing which means that you do not allow that stat and skill to raise. If a skill cap or stat cap is hit, downed skills will lower to allow upped skills to raise.

Stats Edit

  • Strength, which increases damage, effective equipment and weapon/shield weight that you can carry.
  • Agility, which increases ranged damage, attack frequency (recoil time after attack) and movement speed.
  • Constitution awards: +1 soft HP and +1 hard HP.
  • Willpower awards +1 soft Stamina, +1 hard Stamina, and carrying weight bonus.
  • Intelligence, which awards: +1 skill cap (both combat and craft).